Perfume Trends for Summer 2014


Summer is here! Time to head to the beach or put out that colorful picnic spread! And as we make sure that our wardrobe is up-to-date, remember that no #OOTD is complete without a fresh perfume.

Curious about scents and smells that are in this season? Lee-Ann of The Perfume Expert paints a perfect picture of that summer experience you should get from every whiff:

“The theme for fragrances for Spring & Summer 2014 is Farmer’s Markets and Flower Stalls! This is an exciting mix of fresh and vibrant fruits, warm nuts, caramels, and other Gourmand edibles mixed with fresh and green Florals!

 Think of walking through the market on a warm sunny Sunday in Spring, biting into a juicy Apple as you meander through the rows of homemade delights! Treating yourself to a bag of warm honey-roasted pecans and sipping on a Caramel latte as you pick up this week’s groceries in amidst the lively hustle and bustle. Not only do you place some fresh organic Strawberries and bright red Raspberries for a batch of your favorite berry tarts in your straw basket, but you also pick up a few things for the home like hand-cast Beeswax candles, a selection of artisinal soaps made with Almond oil and loose rosehip tea to warm your soul!

 And with an already heavy basket, you are finally drawn to the flower stalls. A heavenly mix of heady blossoms, earthy Moss, crisp Greens, and a refreshing mist of clean water! Your senses are almost swimming in a unique mix of tea Roses, Hyacinth, Tulips, and dewy Daffodils, including their green stems & leaves, ALL combined with the fresh fruit and Gourmand delights of the market!

 Spring/Summer 2014 is all about that unique combination of fresh fruit, dainty Spring-like Florals, and delectable Gourmand notes! Fruity-Floral but with a fresh/green twist and a sweetness never seen before!”

Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances is coming up with an exciting collection this Summer 2014! Stay updated by following us on Facebook and Instagram (@OMArtisanFragrances)!

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