OMAF x The Mind Museum


The Mind Museum, Philippines’ first world-class science museum, teams up with Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances to develop their exclusive Room Fragrance as gifts for the Holiday Season.

Named  “Curiosity”  the scent features a refreshing blend of essential oils of olive, lime and green apple to enliven the senses, tickle the mind and inspire a sense of  curiosity and discovery.

Perfume Designer, Oscar Mejia, shares his reflection in developing the scent of Curiosity:

“The development of the scent of Curiosity begins with my reflections on discovery- an experience that awakens the senses and feeds the soul with euphoria. The “catch phrase” of the scents I designed therefore evokes this feeling of exhilaration, of flashing lights, splash of colors, neon bursts and luminosity.

Yet the smells are not overwhelming. Like discovery where one encounters something novel, the scents are fresh and could easily be appreciated by the Filipino nose. It is clean, crisp and smooth much like a splash of cool water or an unfurling of a petal.

After the excitement dies down, discovery leads you to a sense of peace and wonder. Similarly, the scents then develop into a calming feel that could somehow lull you to sleep. It brings you the silence and tranquility of gazing into a vast ocean, sailing with the wind on a parachute or sitting at the edge of a cliff on top of a mountain.

Curiosity therefore takes you on a high then leaves you with a sense of awe and humility, that although you have found something, there are still bigger things to explore and uncover.”

Packaging Design by Smile Indias