What is the Scent of the Revolution?

I have been invited to collaborate with the Filipinas Heritage Library and the Ayala Musuem to put up a multi-sensory exhibition called “Revolutionary” in celebration of the centenary of the National Artist for Literature, Nick Joaquin, and the sesquicentennial of the musician and Katipunero, Julio Nakpil.

The exhibit features the music of Nakpil as well as Joaquin’s non fiction works to illustrate the Manila where both Joaquin and Nakpil were born, and where they lived at an important historical turn – the end of Spanish rule and advent of American colonization.It is also in this era when Manila was called the “Reina de los perfumes en Asia,” having had perfume makers that exported scents such as ilang-ilang and lavender to Europe.

For this partnership, I developed two exclusive scents: Malaya, a Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance and Brisas de Ylang Ylang Eau de Toilette.

In my reflections, the scent of the revolution reminds us of how beautiful and fragrant it is to offer one’s life for the country. That in sacrificing for the nation, the burden of the body is rewarded with a lightness in spirit.

These images served as inspiration in creating a scent that is light and airy. A scent that is passionately gentle, subtle yet remarkable, rousing at the same time calming.

The fragrance highlights the notes of Bamboo and Sampaguita.  Bamboo, a grass that bends but never breaks, like every Filipino who can withstand hardships yet bears a spirit that can never be crushed.  Sampaguita, whose name is derived from “sumpa kita” is reminiscent of our forefathers profession of love and devotion to our Motherland and hope for a bright future of the generations to come.

Brisas de Ylang Ylang, on the other hand, is a fitting tribute to Julio Nakpil’s beautiful masterpeice. The scent features the captivating essential oil of ylang-ylang, softened by the warm notes of sandalwood and freshness of olive. “Brisas”, which means breezes in Spanish, takes you back to the remarkable and pristine beauty of Old Manila- listening to romantic melodies played from the azotea or strolling leisurely by the river Pasig.

Both scents are seamlessly integrated into the exhibit to provide a holistic experience for the viewers. And guests can take these experiences home with them as the scents are also for sale at the Museum Shop.

Revolutionary will run at the Ayala Museum until July 23, 2017.

For more details regarding the show and other related multi-sensory activities, please call (02) 759-8281 or email asklibrarian@filipinaslibrary.org.ph. Interested audiences may also pre-register at www.tinyurl.com/revolutionary2017.


Source: http://www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph/news/41-events/335-filipinas-heritage-library-partners-launch-qrevolutionaryq