About the Perfumer


Oscar Mejia III is the Philippines’ first and only natural perfumer and founder of Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances.

His passion for perfumes started as a child in their orchid and cut-flower farm in Davao City. This interest was then strengthened at the Philippine Science High School and later at the Ateneo de Manila University having graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering.

Oscar’s first venture into designing fragrances was a result of self-education. Later on, he received formal training in perfume making in Paris and in Grasse, France- the perfume capital of the world. To continue sharpening his craft, he is also under the mentorship of internationally recognized French Perfumer, Nicolas de Barry.

Oscar shares his passion for scents through Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances- a company that specializes in natural handcrafted perfumes that showcase and celebrate the Filipino heritage.  Presently, the company offers 1 line of Eau de Toilette, 2 lines of colognes and 1 line for home fragrances. It also offers custom-made fragrances for individuals and corporate groups.

He is also involved in efforts of bringing back the country into the global arena of fine fragrances through his lectures in partnership with the Ateneo de Manila University, The Mind Musuem, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


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