What is the Scent of the Revolution?

I have been invited to collaborate with the Filipinas Heritage Library and the Ayala Musuem to put up a multi-sensory exhibition called “Revolutionary” in celebration of the centenary of the National Artist for Literature, Nick Joaquin, and the sesquicentennial of the musician and Katipunero, Julio Nakpil.

The exhibit features the music of Nakpil as well as Joaquin’s non fiction works to illustrate the Manila where both Joaquin and Nakpil were born, and where they lived at an important historical turn – the end of Spanish rule and advent of American colonization.It is also in this era when Manila was called the “Reina de los perfumes en Asia,” having had perfume makers that exported scents such as ilang-ilang and lavender to Europe.

For this partnership, I developed two exclusive scents: Malaya, a Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance and Brisas de Ylang Ylang Eau de Toilette.

In my reflections, the scent of the revolution reminds us of how beautiful and fragrant it is to offer one’s life for the country. That in sacrificing for the nation, the burden of the body is rewarded with a lightness in spirit.

These images served as inspiration in creating a scent that is light and airy. A scent that is passionately gentle, subtle yet remarkable, rousing at the same time calming.

The fragrance highlights the notes of Bamboo and Sampaguita.  Bamboo, a grass that bends but never breaks, like every Filipino who can withstand hardships yet bears a spirit that can never be crushed.  Sampaguita, whose name is derived from “sumpa kita” is reminiscent of our forefathers profession of love and devotion to our Motherland and hope for a bright future of the generations to come.

Brisas de Ylang Ylang, on the other hand, is a fitting tribute to Julio Nakpil’s beautiful masterpeice. The scent features the captivating essential oil of ylang-ylang, softened by the warm notes of sandalwood and freshness of olive. “Brisas”, which means breezes in Spanish, takes you back to the remarkable and pristine beauty of Old Manila- listening to romantic melodies played from the azotea or strolling leisurely by the river Pasig.

Both scents are seamlessly integrated into the exhibit to provide a holistic experience for the viewers. And guests can take these experiences home with them as the scents are also for sale at the Museum Shop.

Revolutionary will run at the Ayala Museum until July 23, 2017.

For more details regarding the show and other related multi-sensory activities, please call (02) 759-8281 or email asklibrarian@filipinaslibrary.org.ph. Interested audiences may also pre-register at www.tinyurl.com/revolutionary2017.


Source: http://www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph/news/41-events/335-filipinas-heritage-library-partners-launch-qrevolutionaryq


Selling Through Scents: The Rise of Scent Marketing

A person breathes 20,000 times a day and each breath is a chance to pitch a product.

In recent years, retailers, hotels and restaurants have turned to the creation of carefully distinct smells to attract customers, boost consumer spending and create memorable brands. In fact, LA Times has dubbed scent as the “Last Branding Frontier.”

Emotions are always at play in brand preference and using scents as a new way of communicating to consumers is possible because the sense of smell prompts immediate reactions from the receiver. With the olfactory bulb directly connected to the brain’s limbic system, the parts responsible for emotions and memories, scents can trigger favorable and lasting emotional responses. This makes the nose the fastest way to one’s heart.

Numerous studies have already been made in various industries, which have attributed their success to the use of scents:

  • Hotels and Resorts: Scent enhances the mood and creates brand loyalty thereby increasing repeat guests.
  • Retail: 84% of people would most likely to buy and would pay 10-15% more on a product when sold in a scented room.
  • Workplace: People who work in the presence of pleasant scent reported higher self efficacy, set higher goals and were more likely to employ efficient work strategies compared to those who work in a no-scent condition.

In the Philippines, Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances is the leader in scent marketing preferred by top international hotel chains, luxury resorts, leading brands and multinational corporations. In the past 4 years, these companies have maximized the use of artisan fragrances in lobbies, show rooms, exhibit spaces and product launches.

“It is always an interesting process to translate a brand’s look, character and tone into something tangible such as scent,” shares Filipino Perfumer Oscar Mejia. “The process is very much similar to creating a personalized scent where one tries to capture an individual’s personality, passion and memories.

“For example, the scent developed for Radisson Blu in Cebu speaks of comfortable elegance, something that invokes the carefree spirit like sprawling under the blue sky to revel in the gentle breeze and warm rays of the sun. So we put together some bright notes of apple and bergamot, and combined these with warmer tones of rosemary and lime.”

In the case of Ugen Island Resort, Oscar Mejia wanted to capture a day in the beach so he created a scent that opens with olive, reminiscent of early morning bliss, then moves to aquatic notes, with hints of sampaguita priming you for a day of island adventure. The scent then leaves a sultry warm note of patchouli evoking a beautiful sunset by the bay.

Marketing has always been about appealing to the eyes and the ears, but with the sense of smell’s ability to elicit immediate and more lasting emotions and memories, there remains a wide-open and fertile ground for marketers to work with.

For inquiries about Custom Scent for your brand, contact Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances at 0928 550 1702 or email omartisanfragrances@gmail.com

Source: Bradford, K. and Desrochers, D. 2009. The Use of Scents to Influence Consumers: The Sense of Using Scents to Make Cents. Journal of Business Ethics. 90 (2):141-153








Take A Journey with A Filipino Perfumer


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Hi! My name is Oscar Mejia, a Filipino Perfumer.

My love for creating unique scents started as a child having been raised in an orchid and cut-flower farm in Davao City.  This passion is continually fuelled by my dream to put our country back into the global arena on Fine Fragrances- a position we once proudly held as Asia’s Reina de las Perfumes (Queen of Perfumes) in the 1930s

Everyday is an exciting adventure in the world of scents and I would like to share my journey with you.  Follow my reflections and inspirations by subscribing to our newsletter below


Sign up now and get a chance to win a CUSTOM-DESIGNED perfume! Deadline for entries is on October 31, 2016.

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Holiday Gift Sets 2016

Room Fragrance Set (PhP 465.00)


100 mL Himbing Sleep Enhancing Pillow Mist and Room Spray

100 mL Sigla Energy Boosting Room Spray

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* Cologne Scents: Apple Berry, Lemon Mint, Peach Orange, Cookie Butter, Strawberries and Cream, Mocha Mint

**EDT Scents: Ginger Tea, Powder and Petals, Paradiso, Berry Medley, Lemon Meringue, Peppermint Cookie, Sun Soak, Morning Mist, Agua Flora

For orders, contact us at 0928 550 1702 or OMArtisanFragrances@gmail.com

The Wonders of Himbing

A Himbing user shares how our room fragrance helped her normalize her sleep and get off prescription meds! Thank you Ginggay for your review!

Himbing photo_resized

People working in the BPO industry often face the dilemma of change in sleeping patterns and I am one of those who find it hard to adjust to the drastic change in schedules. Not to mention, that it is so difficult to sleep during daytime. Coping with lost hours of sleep during the day off is one thing that I always look forward to, yet I still get to wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to go back to sleep. Hence, those eye bags and sluggishness at times.

I have tried avoiding caffeine, resorted to prescription medication with my doctor’s advise just to have a good night’s sleep. It even came to a point where I barely fell asleep in four days and only had thirty minutes of sleep time per day!

Just recently, a family friend gave me Himbing, a sleep enhancing pillow mist and room spray. It has a very light relaxing scent of a fusion of lavender, green apple and green tea. I found the scent very soothing and calming to the senses. Curious as I am, I tried it right away on the very same night that it was given to me. My youngest daughter and husband tried it too. A few sprays on our pillows and we were all set for the night.

It was around 10:00 in the evening when we decided to retire to bed, and surprisingly we all woke up at 6:00 in the morning the next day with uninterrupted sleep. We all were surprised with how effective Himbing was for all three of us! The following night, to prove that it was not just because of exhaustion that we were able to sleep in full eight hours without interruption, I once again used Himbing. Indeed, the results were the same, a full eight hour sleep, waking up envigorated the next day! It has been a week now that I have been using this amazing product. Knowing that lavender has relaxing effects which aids in sleeping, I must say that the creator of Himbing has made the perfect concoction for a relaxing sleep.

Himbing is a must try for all of you out there who would want to have a relaxing and sound sleep despite the stresses of daily life. Especially to all of those who are working in the BPO industry, I would like you to consider this product because I know how essential sleep is in our line of work. I have been into a situation where even prescription medications could not help me in having an uninterrupted and relaxing sleep and I would not want you to experience the same. Here is pone product that could aide us have the rest that we need in a natural way. Safer and inexpensive I must say.

Read the original post HERE

Himbing Sleep Enhancing Pillow Mist and Room Spray can help ease your way to a blissful rest with an enchanting blend of essential oils of lavender, green apple and green tea. Available in 100mL (PhP 195) , 250mL (PhP 415) and 500mL (PhP 675) bottles.

Also available: Sigla Energy Boosting Room Spray- Brighten up your day with an uplifting blend of essential oils of orange, bergamot and olive.

For orders contact us at 0928 550 1702 or OMArtisanFragrances@gmail.com

Why should you care about SCENTSCAPING?

When we speak of interior design, we normally consider the colors, texture, lighting and lay-out. This has later evolved to include sound or music, which helps in setting a desired mood. Now there is a growing trend that integrates smell as a dimension of interior design through Scentscaping.


ScentScaping is the design of an interior environment by using a palette of scents to resonate with other sensory cues including light, color, music and texture; in order to convey a theme or enhance a mood with the intention of creating a richer personal and inter-personal experience.

Why the sudden interest in the sense of smell? According to a New York based olfactive branding firm, a human is able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors and more impressively, recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, in contrast to only 50% of visuals after three months. Also, a smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people’s moods and even affect their work performance.

Additional benefits of scent include:

  • Stress Reduction and other Health Benefits– Natural essential oils have therapeutic properties when inhaled
  • Mood enhancement– Seventy-five percent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.
  • Personal Branding or Marketing– Scent can make a strong and memorable impression on your guests and customers to make them stay longer, and even boost sales.

The benefits of ScentScaping can now be enjoyed through Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances’ Tahanan Collection. These artisan room sprays are made of natural essential oils, designed to enhance mood and create healthy homes.

tahanan poster


HIMBING, a Sleep Enhancing Room Spray and Pillow Mist is made of essential oils of lavender, green apple and green tea that will ease your way to a blissful rest. SIGLA on the other hand is the Energy Boosting Room Spray with an interesting blend of orange, bergamot and olive to brighten up your day.

More details HERE

Himbing and Sigla are now available in 100mL bottles at Sugarleaf Makati.

Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances also offers custom-made scents for your homes and businesses. For inquiries, email us at OMArtisanFragrances@gmail.com.


Filipino Perfumer Teams Up with Dusit Thani in Davao

Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances has worked with Dusit Thani and Blue Development for the launch of their latest property development in the Philippines, The Dusit Thani Residences in Davao City.

dusit davao showroom4The Discovery Center Showroom along JP Laurel Avenue in Davao City

“For the official press launch and sales event, we designed a special scent that captures the Dusit brand of luxury and gracious hospitality”, shares Filipino Perfumer Oscar Mejia. “It is a rejuvenating blend of lemongrass, patchouli and olive that lifts the spirit, engages the senses, and brings the Thai tradition of comfort and care closer to home”

Guests were treated with this scent that is lightly diffused across the entire showroom to provide a spa-like experience. They were also presented with a special Spa Set carrying the same scent so they can bring home the luxury and the memories of this remarkable event.

dusit thani davao spa set and diffuser setSpa Set composed of Sweet Almond Massage Oil, Raw Honey Shower Gel and Natural Sea Salt Scrub (top). Room Fragrance set for ambient scenting (bottom).

“It is an honor to partner with a global brand to showcase a truly Filipino scent that remains loyal to its Thai inspirations”, Mejia continues. “This endeavor also a model for the growing worldwide trend of Scent Branding which provides a holistic, more lasting and loyal experience of the brand through the sense of smell.”

koi and joy dusit davaoFilipino Perfumer, Oscar Mejia with Joy Concepcion, Marketing Manager for Blue Development

The Dusit Thani Residences is a 2-Billion Peso property development by Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation. It is Dusit International’s first project outside of Metro Manila set to boost the tourism industry in the region. In partnership is Blue Development, a renowned company in luxury real estate development.

For more details about how to strengthen your brand through the power of scent, contact us at OMArtisanFragrances@gmail.com

For more details about the Dusit Thani Residences visit www.dtrdavao.com