Scent Scaping

ScentScaping is the design of an interior environment by using a palette of scents to resonate with other sensory cues including light, color, music and texture; in order to convey a theme or enhance a mood with the intention of creating a richer personal and inter-personal experience.

ScentScaping can be applied on a room-by-room basis, where different scents are selected for different rooms or spaces; or a motif fragrance may be implemented where the same theme overarches all spaces with slight variation designed into the motif from space to space.

For Your Homes

 Match your interior design with a custom-made scent to enrich the look and feel of your living space. And through the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, be able to enhance the mood for your homes while naturally reducing stress and boosting your health.

For your Events

Make your parties, weddings and special gatherings more memorable by gently diffusing a custom-designed scent. According to studies “Scentemoticons” live in your olfactive memory, the largest and most acute part of your memory, collectively containing all of your most powerful emotional memories.

Present the same fragrance as tokens and giveaways to your guests because once these emotional memories are formed, it is almost impossible to separate the emotion from the scent- transforming your event to a treasured memory that can last a lifetime.



For a wedding, we developed a fragrance that invokes the image of the ocean wind meeting the mountain breeze. This captures the interest of the couple: the man’s penchant for the mountains and the woman’s love for the beach.


The scent, which was diffused in the reception venue was composed of essential oils of olive, apple and lavender.


Guests took home small bottles of eau de toilette carrying the same scent as a cherished keepsake from the celebration.

For a national convention, we developed a scent that embodies the hosting city, Bohol. The fragrance, made up of essential oils of lavender, green tea and ginger attempts to bottle the clear skies, sparkling sand and turquoise waters of Panglao.


The scent was diffused at the convention venue to keep the guests alert and engaged. Bottles of the scent were also given to speakers and VIPs as tokens.


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